Slope correction / 100-200 correction

Built in time correction!

So when you're timing how fast a car can go from 0 to 100 km/h or 100 to 200 km/h, etc., you gotta take into account the slope of the road it's driving on. Hills can mess up the car's speed, so we gotta adjust the time we record to make it fair and accurate.

Slope correction is becoming a big deal in the world of posting car performance times, 'cause it really affects how fast your car seems to be. And there are few calculators available online, and even in some built in performance measurment devices.

But we decided to take a step a little further. We also need to think about the weight of the car and gearing, so we use the mass to our advantage in calculations, to get an even more precise measurement of how fast it can go. Now, here's the thing: P-GEAR is the first to put slope correction and mass factor into their acceleration timing system. That means you don't need any external calculators or tools - everything's built right. And because of this new top notch formula, their timing measurements are super precise and accurate.

No other system on the market does it quite like they do, this is especially noticable on the slower cars, so this update is for every possible user of PGEAR, regardless of the horsepower. No more sadness if you can't find a place with 0% slope, we got you