Frequently asked questions


1Is P610 20Hz?
Yes, We have UBLOX chip integrated with 3D gyroscope and acceleration sensor, and an inertial navigation algorithm is used to boost it to 20Hz. The output data is a packet every 0.05 seconds, and the results are more accurate.
2What does HDOP mean?
HDOP is the horizontal precision factor. HDOP value is very important in PGEAR measurement, It can evaluate the quality of GPS signal. When it is stable at 0.5-0.8, the result accuracy is the best.
3Do you keep my verification video when I upload to the leaderboard?
PGEAR's server will not save any user's video, except those that are driven on the legal track.


1What kind of results can be uploaded?
Car can be clearly identified in the video. The signal score is 7-10 (visible on the seal). The slope of acceleration result is not lower than -1%
2What is a "One Foot Rollout"?
It is the distance travelled by a vehicle before the timing lights on a drag strip are triggered. When running performance tests, such as a quarter mile test, this distance is typically 1 foot (12 inches). The default result of PGEAR does not use One Foot Rollout, so the results are usually 0.2-0.3 seconds slower, But the results are more real.


1Bluetooth of PGEAR device cannot be found?
Please turn off the PGEAR device and turn on it again.
2Can't receive GPS signal?
Please use PGEAR in open areas. The surface with PGEAR LOGO must face the sky. Pay attention to tall buildings and bridges, which block satellite signals.
3Lost the result videos with IOS system?
If the storage space of the phone is less than 5GB, the video may be lost. Please do not record it for more than 20 minutes at a time.
4Why did I fail in video merging? (Android only)
Video cannot be merged when the phone is not compatible, you can switch the video to the screen-recording mode in APP(Path: Me/Settings/Video Settings/Screen recording/on), this mode does not require video merging.
5Why can't I find videos on my mobile phone?
After the video merged, click "Share Video" to save it on the internal memory.
6Lost all the results after deleted the APP or changed a new phone?
You should back up the results in advance if changing devices or reinstalling app. You can also upload the results to the cloud disk, click the results, click the three dots on the top right, and then click upload.
7Why can't I hear the result voice during the measurement?
Please check the mobile media sound and volume.